Posted by: nancycurteman | January 31, 2010

Alice Springs, Australia’s Red Heart

A good place to begin a tour of Alice Springs is Todd Mall, a pedestrian center lined with arcades, plazas, tourist shops and Aboriginal art galleries.

In the mall, stop for a snack at The Red Ochre Grill. The restaurant specializes in Australian regional cuisine. It boasts an assortment of Australian Game and Bush Tucker—Gumnut Smoked Emu Fillet, Slow Roasted Camel Sirloin, Crocodile Salad, Dukkah Rubbed Kangaroo Fillet.

A few blocks from the Red Ochre Grill is the Royal Flying Doctors Visitors’ Center. The tour of the Royal Flying Doctor’s Museum takes you on a path through history. Its collection includes artifacts and photographs depicting the famous medical service from its origin in 1939 to the present. Because there are so many remote areas in Outback Australia, the Flying Doctors have always provided vital medical services to people who otherwise might’ve had to go without.

Drive 3 kilometers North on the Stuart Highway to Head Street to the Alice Springs School of the Air. This is the world’s largest classroom. It covers a broadcast area of 1.3 million square kilometers. The entrance to the school is ablaze with bright, primary-colored murals depicting children frolicking in a rural setting. The school provides education to children living miles away on sheep and cattle stations.

The Old Telegraph Station is just a half kilometer further down the Stuart Highway. The Telegraph Station is the original site of Alice Springs. Later, it became the homestead of early settlers.  Then, it served as a school and home for Aboriginal children. They called it The Bungalow School. You’ll find an interesting pictorial history of the region in the main building.


  1. Nicely done, Nancy. I feel like I’ve managed a brief trip, and find myself wondering at the taste of the foods.

    Your writing brings back things I’ve leanred about Australia over the years, and puts a new face on old memories.


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