Posted by: nancycurteman | February 23, 2021

Pocket Parks in New York City

That’s right. There are many pocket parks in New York City. Pocket parks? You say. What are pocket parks? 

Pocket parks, also known as parkettes, mini-parks or vest parks, are small outdoor spaces usually no more than a quarter acre. Often they are located in an urban area tucked into small lots surrounded by commercial buildings. 

These tiny gems may provide flowers, shrubs, trees, ponds and even waterfalls. They are areas where wildlife such as birds, can live in the concrete world of the big city. Pocket parks are accessible to the general public and provide quiet refuges and escapes from the busy city surrounding them. In fact, on sunny afternoons they may be full of office workers, kids and construction workers.

New York City has several pocket parks. In fact, a few years ago one of its parks, Greenacre Park, measuring only 60 feet by 120 feet, was named one of the best parks in the world by Project for Public Spaces, along with Central Park, Paris’ Luxembourg Gardens and other much larger parks. Greenacre’s centerpiece is a 25-foot waterfall.

Other lovely little New York City pocket parks include Paley with its potted plants, trees and waterfall. Tudor Greens with its old-time lampposts, vintage urns and flourishing old trees. Creative Little Garden with its beautifully maintained community plant garden is a National Wildlife Federation Habitat thanks to its great job providing birds with happy homes.

New York City has little pocket parks tucked into small spaces throughout the city. 

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  1. Great idea. Who keeps them up? We have many small parks here in the Bay Area, but not as lavishly furnished with blooms and mostly for kids.


    • Most are maintained by the city. However, some like the Creative Little Garden are maintained by neighborhood groups.


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