Posted by: nancycurteman | October 14, 2015

The Lysi Weston Mystery Series

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The Lysi Weston Mystery Series is a set of books that have their own title and free-standing storyline. They can be read in or out of sequence. The series consists of five novels set in different parts of the world I’ve visited in recent years. So I often call them travel mysteries. The stories and settings are different in each book but the main characters are the same.

At book events I’m often asked about the order in which the Lysi Weston Mystery novels could be read in sequence. Here is the order I would suggest although they are stand-alone novels:

  1. Murder in a Teacup,” set in Eastern Montana.

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2. “Lethal Lesson,” set in California.

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3. “Murder Down Under,”set in Sydney, Australia and Alice Springs, Northern Territory (The Outback).

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4. “Murder Casts a Spell,” set in Cape Town, South Africa and a nearby township.
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5. “Murder on the Seine,” set in Paris and the Pyrenees region.

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