Posted by: nancycurteman | May 1, 2010

Beautiful Women: More at Risk of Being Murdered?

Common motives for murder include vengeance, personal humiliation, profit, ambition and  betrayal. Consider this startling discovery regarding murder motivated by betrayal. Dr. David Buss at the University of Texas, author of The Murderer Next Door did an in-depth study of reasons people murder. One sobering fact he discovered is that a leading motive for a husband  murdering his wife is the discovery that she is having an affair. What’s more, the murder is more likely to happen if the woman is considerably younger than her husband. This, according to the University of Texas, “leads to a disturbing theory—the more good-looking, healthy and fertile the woman, the more motivated the man will be to kill her upon discovering a sexual infidelity.” Mystery writers could wrap a good story around this fact alone.


  1. The murder this week on the Mentalist had infidelity as the motive . . . but the father killed his son who he believed to be sleeping with his much younger 2nd wife ~ rather than killing his young and attractive wife.

    Two problems . . . (1) he got caught; and (2) he killed the wrong son.

    Great post, Nancy!


    • I’m a fan of the Mentalist as well as CSI, Criminal Minds and Law&Order. I saw that Mentalist program. A bit of irony wasn’t it.


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