Posted by: nancycurteman | March 30, 2019

8 Internet Resources for Mystery Writers

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A believable mystery novel requires accurate detailed facts. Of course, real life, hands on experience is the best way to gather data, but that is not always possible. So, a mystery writer often has to acquire details through research. The internet is a great research tool. Here are some ways mystery writers can conduct research on the internet:

  • Googleis a powerful search engine, a good place to begin your research. You can refine a Google search by using Google Scholar where you will find more specific and detailed information on any topic you choose.
  • Google Maps  enables you to walk the streets of most places in the world. Helpful if you need to describe a location you are not able to visit.
  • Wikipediais a site you can use to initiate a search for information. Just be sure to verify that information on other sites.
  • You Tube is almost a hands-on research experience because real people video a wealth of different activities and post the videos on YouTube. You can find videos on everything from acupuncture to zither performances.
  • Ez2find is a Meta search engine that uses several search engines. It uses a filtering system that includes ranking to ensure the relevancy of responses to your question.
  • Magportal is a magazine search engine that provides access to most magazines including pay and obscure ones.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica is an excellent research tool that is regularly updated.
  • A Library Card from your local library can provide free access to most pay-for-view databases.

In addition to these search engines, I have also found information on Facebook and on blogs.

The internet is a treasure trove for mystery writers needing to research almost any topic needed to authenticate a novel.

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