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6 reasons to Fall in Love With Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is located on the island of Ireland but is administratively part of the United Kingdom. It comprises six of the counties of Ulster with Belfast as its capital. It is also the setting for my next novel in the Lysi Weston mystery series

The history of Northern Ireland has not always been one of peace. The country survived a civil war that lasted almost 30 years.

Despite its violent history, Northern Ireland has maintained its position as a country known for beautiful glacial valleys, mountains, and coastlines. Its Christian, Celtic and Norman sites spread throughout the land and are steeped in history and legend. There are so many reasons to love this Irish jewel. I’ve selected six to share with you.

  • The Giants’ Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its hexagonal columns of layered basalt. Science says it was created by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. Irish legend says it was created by the giant Finn McCool who built it to do battle with his enemy across the water in Scotland.
  • The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge sways almost 100 feet above the ocean. It is 65 feet long and connects Carrick Island, an old salmon fishing spot, with the County Antrim mainland. Crossing it takes considerable courage but the stout-hearted will be rewarded with stunning views of Rathlin Island and even Scotland.
  • The Titanic Quarter in the capitol city of Belfast showcases the redeveloped dockyards where the Titanic was built. It also houses the star-shaped Titanic Museum which traces Belfast’s maritime history and the building of the Titanic.
  • Old Bushmills is the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery founded in 1608. The distillery offers tours and tastings. It’s a whiskey lovers paradise.
  • The Glens of Antrim are among natures loveliest gifts to Northern Ireland. On a drive through the nine glens you will see quiet lakes, tumbling waterfalls, forest trails and green rolling hills.
  • Carrickfergus Castle is a well-preserved medieval Norman castle. It has a recreated banquet hall that will take you back in time.

There are so many more reasons to love Northern Ireland. I plan to share many more of them. Watch this space

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  1. When can we expect your new mystery set in Ireland?


    • Hi Maureen, Thank you for asking about my next novel. I’ve set a goal for completion by late November or early September.


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