Posted by: nancycurteman | July 12, 2018

Your Favorite Lysi Weston Novel

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Now that I’ve completed six Lysi Weston mysteries and am beginning my seventh, I’d like to find out  which book you enjoyed the most. In each novel I introduced new characters along with the ones that are permanent in the series. Learning which novel is your favorite will give me some insight into how you feel about each new character and whether I should continue their appearance in future novels.

I realize how precious your time is but I hope you can spare a moment to complete this poll. Of course your vote will remain completely anonymous. However, if you wish to add a comment you can do so in the comment section below the blog post. The poll results will show on my blog.

Thank you for taking a moment to complete my poll.


  1. I enjoyed the novel set in France, but I enjoyed the setting et al in “Murder lurks in the fog” more probably because of the local setting in San Francisco. I am current awaiting the next novel that I know is going to be set in Ireland, which is near and dear to my heart as I’ve spent a lot of time over there – but none of it in the area you’re going to be writing about.


    • Maureen, I really love Ireland and the Irish people. Would love to know what part of Ireland you visited? Thank you for your vote.


  2. “Murder Casts a Spell” was my favorite because it was set in a place I knew
    little about—South Africa—and kept the suspense coming. As in most
    of the books, geography added to the interest. The whodunnit was a real surprise.


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