Posted by: nancycurteman | April 10, 2018

How do Developmental Editing and Line Editing Differ?

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Every author knows that editing is a critical component of the writing process. It happens after a book has been written and can result in anything from a few simple changes to a complete rewrite of a novel. There are two types of editing, Developmental and Line. Each has an important but different role in perfecting a novel. The question is: How do Developmental Editing and Line Editing Differ?

The best way to describe Developmental Editing is that it deals with the novel as a whole and in large chunks. Developmental Editing includes plotting, pacing, characterization and narrative structure. This type of editing may reposition paragraphs, scenes or chapters. Developmental editing may cut superfluous scenes or even chapters throughout the book. Character examination including believability, actions and growth is included in this type of edit.

Line editing is what makes a novel readable. It often includes proofreading and copyediting. It will refine tone, style, and consistency. It looks at grammar, syntax, spelling, typographical errors,sentence structure and punctuation. It reviews word usage that includes misused words, overused words, and words that do not belong as well as unnecessary adverbs and modifiers. It checks for formatting errors.

Developmental Editing and Line Editing differ but each one is critical to a well-written novel.

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