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How to Increase Reviews of Your Novel

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In general, authors seek as many book reviews as possible. The jury is still out on the actual impact of book reviews on sales. Some reader polls have indicated that only a small percentage of shoppers in brick and mortar stores look first at reviews before purchasing a book. They first check the cover and then turn to the back of the book to learn about content. After that they may check reviews.

If your book is selling on line, Amazon places more emphasis on reviews that include one to five-star ratings. However, Amazon has had issues with untrustworthy book reviews. Some authors pay third parties to write reviews which may or may not be legitimate.

In any event, it is probably a good idea to know how to increase reviews of your novel not just to boost sales, but to learn from the honest feedback provided by readers and peers. Honest reviews can help you grow as a writer. Here are some ways to increase reviews of your novel.

  • Use social media. Check out book blogger sites. These sites are usually maintained by avid readers who will provide good feedback. If they review your book, provide a link to their sites from your own site. Consider blog tours and online author interviews.
  • Use your website or blog site to encourage reviews. Let your readers know how much you appreciate reviews and how important they are. Make it easy for them to do a review by providing some basic “how to” instructions and a by adding a link to your sale page.
  • Solicit and accept speaking engagements, library visits, media events. Offer to present a class in your local community college. Offer free ebooks to the first five people who will do a review.
  • Target top reviewers on Amazon. Go to the author pages of writers in your genre. Click on reviews of their books to find the reviewer’s Amazon profile. Look for contact info and send the reviewer a query noting that you read some of their reviews and really enjoyed them. Ask if they would consider reviewing one of your novels.

Here are a couple of caveats. Never trade reviews and don’t pay for customer reviews. Both are against Amazon’s terms of service and could get you kicked off the site.

Book reviews are certainly useful. It is worth the effort to try my suggestions for increasing reviews of your novels.  Here are some examples of reviews I’ve received (scroll down to product details). Please share any other ideas you might have come across.


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  1. thanks. I was thinking of collecting some tips and sites that offer reviews for a list for Writers Talk.


    • Hope my post helps. If you come across other ideas, please share.


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