Posted by: nancycurteman | May 24, 2017

A New Lysi Weston Mystery Novel

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Travel and mysteries are two of my passions. So of course I write mystery novels and set them in places I’ve visited around the world. My amateur sleuth Lysi Weston, a corporate trainer, has solved murders in Australia, South Africa, France, and Montana as she traveled in her job.

Many of my readers have suggested that I set a story in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco. I’ve taken their advice. My newest novel, “Murder Lurks in the Fog,” set in the city by the Bay, will be available by mid June.

In “Murder Lurks in the Fog,” Lysi Weston returns home to San Francisco for a few weeks of well-earned vacation from her taxing job as a corporate management trainer. Her plans to share a quiet respite with Australian Detective Maynard Christie are thwarted when she learns that a close friend has gone missing. Lysi, with her proclivity for sleuthing, tries to unravel the mysterious disappearance. The situation becomes more complicated when Weston discovers a connection between her missing friend and the murder of a beautiful young socialite. She drags her earthy, Harlem-born colleague, Grace Wright, along when she embarks on a labyrinth of trails that leads her to suspect a jealous husband, a resentful stepdaughter and the son of a vicious mob boss. A second suspicious death muddies Lysi’s investigation effort as she becomes the target of a sociopathic hit man.

Along with murder investigation, Weston will guide readers, along with Christie and Wright, through her favorite San Francisco sites—some well known to tourists and others known only to locals.

I will let all of you know the moment “Murder Lurks in the Fog” becomes available both in print and ebook formats.

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  1. Special thanks to Art Carey for his comment: “Great cover! Not only does it fit the story, but it identifies the location with an iconic image.”


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