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Polish Cuisine Plays a Big Role in “Lethal Lesson”

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Polish cuisine plays a role in my novel, “Lethal Lesson,” soon to be released by Solstice Publishing. In doing research for my book I discovered some interesting facts about Polish cuisine. I learned that it shares many similarities with other Slavic countries. Typical meals are very hearty. It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef; vegetables especially cabbage and cucumbers; various kinds of noodles; and eggs. Rich thick cream and lots of herbs and spices are mainstays.

In my novel, Detective Josef Molanski introduces main character, Lysi Weston to his favorite Polish traditional dishes. They dine on Bigos, a seasoned “hunter” stew made from sauerkraut with chunks of various meats and sausages. th-3They savor Gołąbki, cabbage parcels stuffed with meat and rice. They wash these calorie-laden dishes down with good Polish vodka which the Poles claim they invented. They say the first production of vodka took place in Poland in the 8th century. The first written mention of the drink was in 1405 by Akta Grodzkie, recorder of court documents in the Polish Palatinate of Sandomierz. Whatever the case, the Poles enjoy good quality vodka.

In “Lethal Lesson” Polish cuisine plays an important role in the mystery puzzle.

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