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Reviews of Novels, Short or Long, are Treasured by Authors

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KillerIdeasForSafeTravelThese days everyone has so many demands on their time—family, professional, social, community. Taking the time to write a review of a novel you’ve just read seems like an impossible addition to the hundreds of tasks already filling your time. While authors understand this, they also want you to know how much they treasure your reviews. Long reviews can take a great deal of time to write and are greatly appreciated. However, authors want you to know that short reviews are also of great value to them. In an effort to reassure you that short reviews are important, I’d like to share some short reviews of my novels that mean a lot to me. These reviews were posted on Amazon:

• Nancy Curteman has given us another delightful mystery, this time set in Australia. We get to know Lysi better in this mystery as well as enjoying the descriptions of the Australian countryside and manners. Another delightful book…..and looking forward to the next one!

• I found this book quite captivating, holding my interest throughout. It’s about an area quite unkown to me ,so, naturally I was interested in the descriptions of areas and sites as well as new activities. A very good read.

• The opening tells how the differences between people can mean the difference between dying alone or dying with the help of good Samaritans. The main characters are engaging and the premise is very interesting. The book has loads of humor and realistic details about life.

• The book was well written, had a captivating plot and was fun to read. I would highly recommend this novel.

• Murder Casts a Spell by Nancy Curteman delivers what it promises–a murder mystery told with tension on almost every page. The reader also learns about life and customs in South Africa, the setting for the novel. I couldn’t put it down. I recommend it, if you love a mystery.

• I have really enjoyed reading all her books, once you start reading then, you don’t want to put it down

• This an excellent read with a realistic pace and characters to which one may relate. The characters are four dimensional, with actions that, while not predictable, are logical with rational motivation. Also, the character development is very good, leaving you with a sense of knowing the personality.

• Enjoyed the quick read. Well plotted with full characters. I look forward to more stories and locales by Nancy Curteman.

As you can see there are various approaches to these short reviews. What the reviews  have in common is that I treasure them all. You can find  these reviews on my Amazon book pages.

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