Posted by: nancycurteman | May 17, 2014

Mysteries Set in Amsterdam

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thI enjoy travel and I love to write mysteries. I set my mysteries in the places I’ve visited. It’s no surprise that I also enjoy reading mysteries set in countries around the world.

Recently I discovered a Dutch mystery writer, Janwillem van de Wetering, who sets his novels in Holland. Wetering is particularly noted for his detective fiction. The book that caught my interest was Outsider in Amsterdam. It is the first in his lengthy series about Amsterdam Cops. The series features Grijpstraa and de Gier, a pair of detectives in the Murder Brigade of the Amsterdam Municipal Police. A little affective side interest about these characters is that these two tough cops are musicians when not hunting down murderers.Van de Wetering was awarded the French Grand Prix de Littérature de Policière for this series. I like a good mystery, but one of the things I also love about Wetering’s Amsterdam novels are his vivid images of Amsterdam. I felt like I was right there wandering the streets of that unique city.220px-Janwillem_van_de_Wetering

When I read the Amazon plot description I was hooked. Here it is:
“Piet Verboom is found dangling from a beam in the Hindist Society he ran as a restaurant-commune in a quiet Amsterdam street. Detective-Adjutant Gripstra and Sergeant de Gier of the Amsterdam police force are sent to investigate what looks like a simple suicide.”

Does it hook you?


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  1. I enjoy his writing, too, for the same reason. He gives us a peek into another culture in addition to spinning interesting tales.

    I learned the word jenever, which is Dutch for gin, from him. Salute!


    • Art, Glad you enjoy Wetering. Now I will know how to order gin when I travel to Amsterdam.


  2. His entire series is on the top shelf in one of the bookcases in my office. I started reading him and collecting his mysteries back in the early 80’s. His personal story is fascinating, too, and explains the zen quality of his writing style–upbeat, but spare. Would have loved to meet him, but he died years ago.


    • Meg, Thank you for sharing your comments about Wetering. He has so many loyal fans. I would have liked to meet him as well.


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