Posted by: nancycurteman | April 3, 2014

Write What You Love

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There are as many reasons to write as there are writers. I find interest in something is a compelling reason for writing. If authors can tap into something of personal value to them, they will never run out of topics. In other words, write what you love.

I love research, travel and reading mystery novels. So, all my books are mystery novels set in interesting places I’ve learned about and visited.


Murder in a Teacup is set in southeastern Montana. An important part of the novel deals with the modern-day life of the Cheyenne tribe living on the reservation near Lame Deer, Montana. Through research and on site visits I learned a great deal about this Native American tribe while writing my book. I incorporated the information into my story line.


Murder Down Under is set in Australia. While puzzling through the murder plot readers are introduced to life in both Sydney and on an Outback sheep station. They also learn about the culture and history of the Australian Aborigines. Australian foods and customs run through the novel.

Murder Casts a Spell Final

Readers travel to Cape Town, South Africa in Murder Casts a Spell. They spend time in a township and gain insight into the sad and dangerous conditions in which the residents struggle to raise their families. A characters excursion to Namibia provides a peek at another African country.

The novel I’m writing now is set in France. My readers will walk the streets of Paris and travel to Basque country in the Pyrenees with my sleuths as they work to solve their murder case. I’ll share the unique Basque culture and the exciting Parisian lifestyle.

I never tire of writing what I love.


  1. Enjoy your current setting ~ maybe an intrigue in the castles of the Loire valley . . . or a croissant on the banks of the Seine!


    • Nancy, Sounds like you have a little corner of your heart that likes France. Me, too.


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