Posted by: nancycurteman | November 1, 2013

Effective ways to Market Your Novel

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FAW Book Signing & $alev3Marketing your novel is a difficult but essential part of your profession as an author. Here are some typical events and activities I’ve found effective in marketing and selling my latest novels.  This is a list of  my upcoming events that will illustrate the wide variety of marketing possibilities. You might consider trying some of them.

• November 18-I will be interviewed on Webbweaver Blog talk radio.

• November 19-I will speak to the Tri-City Women’s Club.

• November 21-I will do a book event at Fremont Library.

• November 29, 30 and December 1-I will Book Sign at NewPark Mall in Fremont.

• February 18-I will do a book talk to St Joseph’s Women’s Group.

• March 22-I will be a guest speaker at Fremont Area Writers Club.

I’ve also done Book Talks at various book clubs and niche groups such as mystery writers and travel groups.

I market my book on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as on my blog site and website.

I join websites like GoodReads, Red Room and Cozy Mysteries Unlimited.

Yes, these marketing efforts take time and energy, but I do see an increase in the number of books I’m selling.

If you have some additional ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. All good ways to spread the word about the words you’ve written.


  2. WOW You are doing a great job to promote your book sales. I have a ways to go learning how to market my travel web site.


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