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Welcome To Author KateMarie Collins

I’m delighted to welcome author Kate Marie Collins as my guest blogger on Global Mysteries. Born in the late 60’s, KateMarie has lived most of her life in the Pacific NW. While she’s always been creative, she didn’t turn towards writing until 2008. She found a love for the craft. With the encouragement of her husband and two daughters, she started submitting her work to publishers. When she’s not taking care of her family, KateMarie enjoys attending events for the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA has allowed her to combine both a creative nature and love of history. She currently resides with her family and three cats in what she likes to refer to as “Seattle Suburbia”. She is honoring us with a short teaser from her novel, ‘Son of Corse: Book 2 of The Raven Chronicles.” Read the teaser below then plan to purchase the book to find out what happens.


Son of Corse: Book 2 of The Raven Chronicles

It’s been almost two years since Arwenna banished the Demon Corse from her world. Life has been good. Idyllic, almost.The illusion is shattered in a heartbeat during her sister’s wedding. Not only are once-dead enemies back, but they’ve stolen Arwenna’s only child, Sera. The price Arwenna will have to pay to save her daughter is high. Can she muster the strength to make a pact that jeopardizes not just her own soul, but that of an entire world? Senyan took a look at the slack-jawed man staring blankly at him.  The body was well-developed and muscular.  His family must have used him for heavy work around the farm or town.  Sending out some magic, Senyan could easily see there wasn’t much left to the man’s mind.  That’s fine, he thought.  I just need the body. Senyan motioned the man to lie down on the stone in the center of the temple.  A smile crossed Senyan’s face as the man trusted him instantly, obeying without question.  Two of the priests took up positions behind the two other captives.  Father Morgyn stood near the man on the slab, uttering a spell meant to put him into a trance.  An uneasy silence descended on the room as Senyan fished out a goblet from his pack.  Reciting the spell under his breath, he circled around to the captive priest of Hauk.  With a nod to the priest behind him, Senyan watched as the man slid a knife across the elderly priest’s neck.  The sacrifice uttered no sound as the thin line opened wider. Reaching forward with the goblet, he caught the blood as it flowed from the mortal wound.

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  1. Best of luck with your writing, Kate.


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