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Cardiff, Wales: Something for Everyone

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Cardiff Castle7Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has a history that spans 6,000 years. Before the Roman Conquest in AD51, the Silures, a Celtic tribe occupied the region. When the Romans took control of the area they set up a fort in Cardiff on the site of Cardiff Castle. Parts of the original Roman walls can still be seen.

The Vikings and the Normans also made their presence felt in Cardiff. However, within a few generations they had settled into communities around the region and established towns and trading.

At Cardiff Castle, in the heart of the city, you can discover 2000 years of history from the arrival of the Romans, through the Norman Conquest to the Victorian era.

Cardiff Castle was originally built of wood. In the 12th century, the Duke of Gloucester rebuilt it in stone. You can imagine that Roman soldiers slept there, noble knights held court there, and then the castle was transformed into the romantic Victorian fantasy you see today.

For a special night out, you can book a traditional Welsh Banquet in the castle. Enjoy a glass of mead when you arrive, then dine in the 15th Century Undercroft on a four course feast of hearty local dishes—Glamorgan sausage, leek and potato soup with laverbread—a sea vegetable—served with a baker’s roll, chicken breast with potatoes and vegetables and a dessert of Merlin liqueur chocolate mousse with chocolate coulis and seasonal fruit compote. Does this menu tickle your taste buds? One of the highlights of the banquet evening is the entertainment. Traditionally costumed characters perform popular Welsh songs and invite you to join in the fun. The whole evening is accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the harp.

The National Museum of Cardiff houses the largest collection of impressionist art outside of Paris. The exhibit includes works by Manet, Monet, Boudin, Pissarro, Sisley, Cézanne, Renoir, Degas, Rodin and those dubbed the ‘British Impressionists’.

Another interesting site is the Animal Wall in Bute park. It consists of 15 concrete animals. Nine of which have glass eyes. Great photographs to send home to children.Cardiff 007

There’s something for everyone in Cardiff, Wales.

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  1. While not historic, I enjoyed the various shopping arcades in
    Cardiff – a pleasant step back in time.


    • You say “a pleasant step back in time.” Do the stores sell special handcrafts? I went to your blog and found it fascinating.


      • I assumed maybe you were familiar with them but Cardiff has a wonderful number of covered shopping arcades – in fact it is sometimes referred to as the ‘City of Arcades’ – these are essentially very narrow alleys covered typically with a glass roof, providing a wonderful warren of lanes to explore, with numerous shops, boutiques, antique book stores, cafes etc.. see for more info


    • Thank you for the valuable addition to my post.


  2. That Welsh Banquet in Cardiff Castle sounds delightful, NC.


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