Posted by: nancycurteman | May 2, 2013

Why Have People Loved Cozy Mysteries for Over 100 Years?


People have loved cozy mysteries for over 100 years for many reasons. On the whole, cozy characters are usually similar to people readers might have known at one time in their lives. They are people readers would like to know or even like to be.


Cozy characters are normal everyday people who experience extraordinary events. The characters don’t seek out these events. In fact, sometimes they are recalcitrant about involving themselves in the role of amateur sleuth. The adventures find cozy characters in their own neighborhoods, usually small, picturesque towns or villages—the kind of homey place readers might want to live with the kind of neighbors or friends readers might want to have.

Cozy characters have common professions such as librarian, teacher, priest, builder. But, they have uncommon experiences that make their lives exciting. Readers can live vicariously through these uncommon experiences.

Although Cozy characters are not detectives, they have many of the skills of investigators. They are observant, inquisitive, thorough, logical, empirical and persistent. Readers envision these skills in themselves.

hCozies don’t usually involve a lot of gory details and every cozy mystery is solved. Cozy mysteries are happy mysteries, quick reads and great for relaxation. These are some of the reasons cozy mysteries have remained popular with people for over a hundred years. Who is your favorite cozy author?

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  1. I like the type of mysteries you describe, NC . . . it’s fun trying to figure out “who done it” when there aren’t a bunch of messy gristly bits to stumble over.

    Agatha Christie mysteries are a favorite.
    And I also enjoyed “Murder in a Teacup” by . . . YOU! 😀


    • Nancy, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed “Murder in a Teacup.” It was a fun write. Writing for me is my “happy” place.


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