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Waterford, Ireland’s Oldest City

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Waterford-Crystal-Lismore-6-Rose-BowlFounded by the Viking, Ottir Laria, in 914, Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland. The city has a rich medieval flavor. The best way to savor Waterford’s history is to tour the Viking Triangle. Waterford residents say this tour is a thousand years of history in a thousand paces. The Viking Triangle Experience takes you back to the time of the Vikings and brings you up to the Victorian period. Start the tour with the Viking era at Reginald’s Tower, the oldest civic urban building in Ireland, then move onto Christ Church Cathedral where the great liberator, Strongbow and Aoife were married in 1170, changing the course of Irish and British History.
Finish in the Waterford Museum of treasures and The Bishop’s Palace house where you’ll find extensive historical exhibits.

Of course a highlight of a trip to Waterford is a visit to the House of Waterford Crystal. On the tour you’ll see master craftsmen creating wood molds for shaping the molten crystal, handblowing it into various forms, and cutting and sculpting intricate designs into perfect crystal pieces.

After your visit to the House of Waterford, cross the mall to the 350 year old Munster Bar for a great Irish meal of Sausages and Colcannon, Fresh Beer Battered Fish with Chips or Irish Stew. Wash it down with a hearty pint.

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  1. That crystal is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour, NC.


    • I have one piece of Waterford crystal, a vase about 3 inches high. I cherish it.


  2. […] Waterford, Ireland’s Oldest City […]


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