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How to Increase Readership of Your Writing?

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“How do you increase readership of your writing?” Today I received that question from one of my Global Mysteries followers. It is an excellent question and one of concern to most writers. So, I decided to share some of my strategies and at the same time alert readers of an upcoming author event for my novel, “Murder Down Under.” Here are some of the things I do to increase readership of my writing:

Use social media. I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I have linked my blog to these three social networks. Every time I write a new post, it shows up on these sites. I also joined Linkedin as a way of getting name recognition.

• Develop a website and a blog site. I use these two sites to write about things related to my writing. My blog posts include writing tips, travel tips, information about global foods and cultures, and I analyze the writing styles of various mystery writers. I use my website to promote my novels and to keep readers informed of upcoming author events and new novel releases. Important: My website is linked to my blog site.

• Compile an email list. Over the years I’ve compiled a long list of people who are willing to receive occasional updates about my writing events. I don’t abuse this list. I use it only to inform about specific events. I ask them to share my emails with their friends.

• Compile a list of newspaper literary and event editors. I started by telephoning several newspapers and asking for appropriate contact names. Sometimes I received email addresses. Other times I was given telephone numbers, in which case I called the editor directly and asked for her email address. Now it’s easy for me to send out press releases about an upcoming literary event.

• Contact local organizations. I telephoned, emailed, wrote and contacted face-to-face several local organizations and requested the opportunity to do an author event such as a book signing or book talk. Organizations like the American Association of University Women, church groups, writers’ groups and county fairs are good sources. I even got an okay from my dentist to do a book signing. Don’t forget libraries—which brings me to my next upcoming author event. You can read about it below in the press release I’m providing as a sample for you and which is the one I actually used.

• Tap into the talents of friends. I’ve gotten many great ideas for promoting my writing from friends. For example, Art Carey, a former journalist, helped me write my press release. Richard Scott, a tech whiz, helped me design Global Mysteries.

If you have other strategies to increase readership of your writing, I’d love to hear from you.

Here is the press release for my upcoming event—Maybe I’ll see you there.


Globe-Traveling Mystery Writer to Speak

Award-winning mystery writer Nancy Curteman will discuss her latest travel-oriented crime tale, “Murder Down Under,” at the Fremont Main Library on Saturday, Sept. 29.

Local author Curteman, a former Fremont school principal, will describe why she chose Australia as the background for her novel. The event will have an Aussie air, with Australian cookies to nibble and free recipes for desserts mentioned in the book.

Curteman will share inside information about characters and plot. There will be a free drawing for a signed copy of her novel.

Her talk will be in Fukaya Room A from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Curteman is a member of the California Writers Club and Mystery Writers of America. She blogs about writing and international travel. Her website is:


  1. This is an excellent post, NC. If I was anywhere near Fremont on on the 29th, I would definitely swing by . . . and not just to nibble on aussie cookies.

    Hope you get a tremendous turn out. 😀


    • Thanks NH. Just from reading your blog I know I’d love to meet you someday.


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