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The Isle of Man: An Adventure in History and Mythology

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The Isle of Man, a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, is a place veiled in unsettled history and abundant mythology.

The Isle of Man owes its unusual blend of cultures to the mixture of peoples who inhabited the island over the centuries. Hunters and gatherers colonized the Isle before 6500 B.C. Celts and druids inundated the island with mythical beliefs. The Scots and Irish combined their Gaelic languages to form the basis of the Manx language. Vikings first pillaged then ruled the island until the 13th century. Scotland and England played ping-pong with leadership of the Isle of Man for a few hundred years until England triumphed. In the 20th century the Isle was granted self-governing status.

According to Manx mythology, Isle of Man was ruled by a Celtic sea god who protected the people by cloaking their island in a misty fog to hide it from invaders. This explains why it’s often quite foggy. This island of enchantment is the home of fairies. There are two famous fairy bridges. The Manx believe misfortune will befall anyone who crosses one of these bridges without greeting the “little people” first. In fact, every Manx has a story about the horrible fate of someone who neglected this custom. On the other hand, the fairies will also grant your wishes if the wishes and you are worthy.

Here are a few places you must visit if you go to the Isle of Man:

Peel Castle is a Viking castle built on an ancient Celtic monastery site.

• The House of Manannan is a museum that focuses on the island’s Celtic and Viking past.

Cregneash Village is an open-air agricultural museum with whitewashed, thatched cottages and barns.  It recreates a century-old working farm.

Castle Rushen is a Mediaeval fortress that lets you peek at the life of the English nobles who reigned over Man for centuries.

The Fairy Shop in Douglas is the place to find everything Fairy. You can even have a fairy letter sent to any child anywhere with a personalized message and a generous sprinkle of fairy dust.

Fairy Bridge is the place you must visit if you have a special wish or would like to catch a  glimpse of “themselves” as the locals call the fairies.

Enjoy an adventure in history and mythology on the Isle of Man.

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  1. This Isle of Man sounds like I should go there. Let me put it together and I’ll be there in a year.


    • Larry, You will love the Isle of Man. Don’t forget to visit the Fairy Bridge.


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