Posted by: nancycurteman | March 22, 2011

Ciudad Juarez: Will Leyzaola save the Juarez Women?

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Tough cop Julian Leyzaola Perez, former Tijuana police chief, is the new Director of Public Security for Ciudad Juarez. He is celebrated for cleaning out Tijuana’s organized criminal element, and plans to do the same thing in Ciudad Juarez  where last year over 3000 homicides were linked to organized crime. Many of the victims were women and girls, some of whom the bodies were never found, leading to the suspicion that they had disappeared into the dark abyss of sex trafficking.

A retired army lieutenant colonel, Leyzaola  uses get-tough language calling crime bosses “… fat and disgusting; paunchy, malformed, slimy cockroaches; scoundrels” in an effort to ridicule them. He plans to turn this tough talk into tough action against the criminals of Ciudad Juarez that have made the city a no-man’s land. I hope he realizes it is also a no-woman’s land.

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  1. Me 2. :0)


  2. I like the start of this Nancy, but my comment may grate a bit.
    So what?
    I guess what I need is a bit more. Is this a story idea? A character study? (If so, there is much talk about what he will do, but I am unsatisfied.) Will this be a novel?
    If so, what will his personal struggle be about? Is there a specific baddy who is responding? Has the protagonist had a personal loss? What drives him to clean all this up? Certainly not a paycheck.
    In a police force known for bribes and corruption, is he facing opposition from his brothers in the law?
    Hope I don’t seem too harsh, but I feel like you gave me only the first two paragraphs, and I want more.


  3. Thanks, NC.

    Even with “tough cop Julian Leyzaola Perez, former Tijuana police chief, is the new Director of Public Security,” Ciudad Juarez is still NOT on my list of Top 10 Places to visit.

    Here’s hoping he cleans it up a bit.


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