Posted by: nancycurteman | September 29, 2010

Avignon’s Little Restaurant With a Big Heart

Going to Avignon, France? Want to sample the delicious cuisine of Southern France?  Don’t miss the Cupedon Restaurant on 19 Rue Des Lices. This small family-owned restaurant is run by a mother-daughter team. Mom is the chef and daughter tends to customers. Every dish of the three-course meal is perfectly prepared, but the best part of the dinner is the presentation. The chef accompanies each plate with an in-depth description of what it is and how she prepared it. When we entered the restaurant, we simply told her we wanted to taste the great specialities of the region. She took over from there and planned our entire menu. She insisted my husband and I select different choices and then share with each other so we could sample twice as many foods. From the entrée to the dessert everything was excellent. When we finished our coffee, a surprise liqueur appeared on the table, a special gift from our gourmet hostess. For a reasonably priced unforgettable experience, dine at the Cupedon Restaurant.


  1. Sounds delightful. The kind of dining experience with the local population that you always hop for when traveling. thanks.


  2. What fun! Glad you are enjoying your trip.


  3. You’re braver than we are . . . giving the chef carte blanche over your menu selections.

    When trying new restaurants, we generally follow your chef’s suggestion and order different choices to share.

    What a wonderful repast (both the meal and your recounting of it).


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