Posted by: nancycurteman | April 5, 2010

Ned Kelly: The Australian Robin Hood

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Australia’s most famous Bushranger Ned Kelly is somewhat of a folk hero. He is the most written about Australian character and has been featured in 11 films. Born January, 1855 in Beveridge he became a part of the Kelly gang that robbed banks and rustled cattle. Kelly was hanged November 11, 1880. Not the stuff of heroes.

There was another side to Ned Kelly. Stories say he was a Bushranger or bandit who fought for freedom. Kelly was one of the first to draw a line in the sand for the native-born against injustices. He stole from wealthy non-native Australian landowners who exploited those born in Australia. Native Ned, as he is affectionately known, represented native-born’ national heritage values. The Aussies say Ned lived “fearless, free and bold,” values dear to the hearts of Australians.


  1. I still have nightmares of Mick Jagger playing Kelly. Heath Ledger was much, much better.


  2. I can hardly imagine Mick Jagger playing any kind of hero, much less an appealing character like Ned Kelly.


  3. This title pulled me right in after reading the last.

    I love Robin Hoods!


  4. Tonight,I saw the movie. It’s so impressive. He was a rebellious person.


    • Which movie did you see. I’d like to see it. I find Ned Kelly to be a fascinating character.


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