Posted by: nancycurteman | March 25, 2010

A Majority of the American People Support the Health Care Reform Bill

Polls indicate that a majority of Americans support the health reform bill now that President Obama has signed it into law. Americans are bored with the tired old rhetoric denouncing the bill and prefer to focus on its benefits. Most people never did support Republican views of the bill in the first place. A large number of Americans who opposed the law did so because they wanted even more rigorous reform.

It’s time to turn away from unacceptable political conduct like spitting on legislators, screaming racist slurs at congressmen and “targeting” pro health care members of congress. It’s time for speedy implementation of the new health reform law to benefit all Americans


  1. I suspect you are right with this, but I’ve not seen the polls you describe. Why not conduct your own?


  2. If I was American, I would support it. I’m not, but I still do, anyway.


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