Posted by: nancycurteman | March 15, 2010

What Causes a High Rate of Intentional Homicide?

There appears to be a positive correlation between the intentional homicide rate of a country and its: education level, unemployment rates and the gap between rich and poor. Consider the two countries I wrote about in an earlier blog: South Africa and Austria.

South Africa has one of the highest intentional homicide rates in the world. It also has 23.5% unemployment (over 50% in the Townships). Eighteen percent of South African Adults are not literate. Perhaps most significant is that South Africa has one of the widest gaps between the rich and poor of any other country.

Austria, with the lowest number of intentional homicides, has a low rate of unemployment (4.8%). Less than 1 per cent of its adult population is not literate. Finally, Austria has one of the lowest gaps between rich and poor.

A Killer Idea: Raising the standard of living and education level of a given population would lower the intentional homicide rate.

Based on United Nations Ratings


  1. That is indeed a worthy idea. The problem is implementation. How in the world could you do it?


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