Posted by: nancycurteman | March 12, 2010

Australia’s Top Crime Fiction Writer: Peter Temple

Peter Temple, born in South Africa, is Australia’s top Crime Fiction writer. He is the recipient of five Ned Kelly Awards. This prestigious award is presented annually by the Crime Writers’ Association of Australia for outstanding works in the field of crime. Temple is the first Australian to win a CWA Gold Dagger, presented to authors published in the UK. He received the Colin Roderick Award for the best Australian book. The list of his awards seems endless.

Temple is best-known for his “Jack Irish” novels that feature an unusual lawyer-gambler sleuth and are set in Melbourne, Australia. Among his many books is The Broken Shore in which Joe Cashin, a big city detective seeks the real truth behind the quick accusation of three aboriginal teens in the murder of a white millionaire. As Cashin follows the trails of evidence he finds himself in a twisted maze of unspeakable crimes.

A Peter Temple novel is a mystery lover’s treasure trove.

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