Posted by: nancycurteman | February 6, 2010

Khayelitsha’s Masakheni Educare Centre

The town ship of Khayelitsha is a must visit for any tourist who is interested in meeting South African people and learning about their culture. While in Khayelitsha, a trip to the Masakheni Fox Educare Centre is a joy. Masakheni Fox near Vicky’s Bed and Breakfast is owned by Gloria Mbali and provides care and education to children as young as a few months old to students up to about five years old. When you enter the centre,  laughing children greet you. They are anxious to show you around their school and will even provide you with a musical performance. An interesting fact is that in 2007 the centre burned down. Its restoration was funded by Gerald Fox, an American staying at Vicky’s B&B at the time of the fire. Don’t miss a visit to the Masakheni Fox Educare Centre. You will remember it fondly forever.

One of the characters in my new book runs a daycare center in Khayelitsha.


  1. Another wonderful blog entry, Nancy. I love the pictures. This puts me in mind of a book loaned to me recently, Three Cups of Tea, about Greg Mortenson building schools in Iran and Afghanistan.


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